Jubilee Project Fellowship

During the summer of 2014, Jubilee Project (www.jubileeproject.org) will be offering a 12-day summer fellowship in Los Angeles, CA for filmmakers & creatives on June 9th-21st. Jubilee Project will select between 6-12 young aspiring filmmakers (ages 18+) to live in a community house to work & create impactful films together. The fellowship aims to bring together talented creatives who are passionate about creating films by collaborating and learning from each other, the JP team & other guests/friends of Jubilee Project. Applications are due March 24th, 2014 - for any questions please email: project.jubilee (at) gmail.com.

| Program |

JP fellows will live together in a community house and have a very loose program focused on building skills in film-making (story writing, directing, shooting, editing, outreach & social impact). The focus of the week will be for JP fellows to create a short film in teams. Fellows will also partake in leadership development discussions and seminars. One major objective of the fellowship is to cultivate young filmmakers who may eventually also join the Jubilee Project team.

Tentative guest speakers include:

  • Andrew Oh (Independent filmmaker)
  • David Choi (YouTube musician)
  • Francisco Bulgarelli (Director of Photography)
  • George Bernard Shaw (Composer)
  • Grace Su (Editor)
  • Ivan Tsang (Writer)
  • Kevin Mimms (Actor)
  • Fung Bros. (YouTube filmmakers)
  • Rocky Jo (Independent filmmaker)
  • WongFu Productions (YouTube filmmakers)
  • And more (list subject to change)


| Logistics |

The cost of fellowship program will be: $1,500. Partial scholarships may be available for financially constrained individuals on a case by case basis. These costs will cover housing & living costs, local transportation, equipment and programming, however, this will NOT cover: flights to Los Angeles and additional daily living expenses.  Basic camera equipment will be provided. However, it is recommended that fellows bring their own individual laptops, editing software and camera equipment.

| Applications |

Fellows will be selected based on two major criteria: creative talent & social impact interest. All applicants must submit all the following elements in their applications:

  1. 1 video sample – any prior work written and/or directed by applicant.
  2. 1 video introduction  (no longer than 3 minutes) – video introducing applicant addressing the following questions in an interesting and compelling way:
    • What is your story?
    • Why are you interested in filmmaking?
    • What is it you hope to accomplish through your work?
    • What issues/causes are you interested in?
    • Why should you be chosen as a JP fellow?
  3. 1 short film script– full script for a short film idea (any genre or form is acceptable)
    • No longer than 7 pages or 5 minute length
    • Scripts may be developed and produced during fellowship
  4. Resume
  5. Completed online Application
    • Applications are due on March 24th, 2014
    • Applicants will be notified regarding final decisions by early April
    • Applications will be rolling and early applicants may be notified earlier